YOT Roadmap

Hey :)

I'd love to hear your feedback about the site, so keep it coming! (I'm receiving valuable feedback from various places, thank you!)
Here's what I'm planning to do in the upcoming days and weeks:

1. Change Inside Manjikai structure to:

Inside Manjikai
- Latest News
- The Lore, Facts & Trivia  
- Learning Japanese 
- About Manjikai 
- Media Archive

2. New features:
- Editable Tekken 7 frame data
- Character profiles with statistics 
- Return of buddies & bookmarks
- Return of picture galleries
- Reward system & fortune cookies
- Yoshimitsu knowledge quiz
- Manji hangman game :P 

3. Bugfixing and improvements
- add ssl protection
- accordion is not working on firefox
- signatures and bbcode parsing fixes
- homepage: add a block with articles from Inside Manjikai section
- homepage: recent comments on sidebar
- html pages - add audio player, fix old page styles
- different types of content - calendar + events, movies, songs, faq files
- clean up clunky javascript
- bbcode + image psf integration
- better date formats across the site
- Mobile / responsive problems: youtube resposive, section icons, frame data responsive (new datatables), accordion on firefox mobile

Any ideas you have? :)

To be honest, everything looks great - on both the desktop and tablet / mobile versions! ^-^ ♡ The one thing I'm having trouble with, is being able to go back and look at old posts that myself / other users have made. I remember that was a 'glitch' in the last version; still seems to be one now - I just thought to maybe point it out, in case it was overlooked {if you were already going to fix that, pls don't mind my bringing it up}. All the best, and keep up the good work! :D

I love that frame data function, it's great and it will be even better, when it has T7 frame data. 

The yoshi quiz sounds like a fun idea and i think that having some more non "hardcore" stuff around here, would be great. I bet it will gain more attraction from yoshi that fans aren't into all this technical stuff. It really does seems intimating to a newcomer, haven't got any clue about fighting games. Heck I was a BIG scurb for years, but I stuck around because I loved the characters.  

More events would be nice. I remember the yots awards back awhile ago, those where fun ^^  As a suggestion for an event, perhaps making some weekly/monthly Manjikai lobbies on psn/steam or something (could work as a fun promotion for the site perhaps)  

I don't really have anything else to add. 

Added 1 minute later:

I found bug or something where it says that message is to short to be posted. It has happened twice in a row, with the same post. Every time i've tried out a smiley it seems to happen. 

It has also happened with personal messages. 

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