How did you come to love/find Yoshimitsu?

And how long have you been Yoshi-obsessed? :3 What made you love him in the first place? Was it his eccentric appearance? His mysterious, yet cheeky persona? The fact of his singular weapon usage {in earlier Tekken, anyway}? His love of defending the weak? What else? Let's hear it out!

I know I've already written about how I came to admire Yoshi-san from Soul Calibur in 2005, and later from Tekken 5 in 2008, so I was wondering about everybody else's Yoshi stories? Surely more interesting than mine! Especially those who were lucky enough to grow up on Tekken, and the Soul series. ^_^

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My first encounter with the yoshimitsu was back in tekken 3, when I was 5 years old. He wasn't my first pick, that was infact King,due to his Jaguar mask. I was very much into big cats at the time (and still is btw) 

I can't recall why I was drawn to yoshi back then. It's not a strait forward as there was a single pinpointing factor in it, like with I can say with King, I guess there's was just many layers to it that a kid can't describe (or remember XD) It's kinda funny because his without a doubt the character i've played the most, due to the 
fact his always there, even A.K weren't. 

My liking for Yoshimitsu has properly been spawned by Tekken Zaibatsu, Jun Shrine and pretty obvoiusly this place with all it's highly passionate and very ambitous fan content. Koga's old comics, fan art and all of great fanfictions. Watching through that really helped to make me fan ^^ 

My love of yoshi is make now is more of all the good things that I've associate him with everything with. I'll enter some keywords that comes to mind with thinking about yoshi

Good people over the enterwebs, honor and compassion, dedication, adaptability to a changing times, warrior, over coming struggles, growth, martial arts, learning, inspriation, superheros, doing what must be done, unique, outsider, speed, quickness, fighting the bad within you, a leader, teacher and a friend, being the better person, by any means necessary, abstact thinking, fighting against the odds, the reminder that being different is not a bad thing. 

Those are just a few exsamples  

The first timeI saw Yoshimitsu was Tekken 2.
I liked the mystery of his mask & hat combination, and his "jumpy" battle stance - he looked as if he was dancing.
I also liked his stage music a lot, both arcade and arranged.

Then, the more I learned about him, the more I liked him... it's a long story anyway. :)

Thankyou for the answers, guys! Love them! ^.^

It's a pretty simple reason but back in Tekken 3 he had a sword and he seemed so cool to play when I was a kid. I only picked him up in 3 though since my first Tekken was Tekken 2 and Angel and white Kuma weren't there which were the characters I used then. I skipped Tekken Tag and I didn't play much of 4 but I started playing seriously when Tekken 5 where I fully mained Yoshi. I loved the overall look, story and design and practically became a devout follower ever since.

Nowadays, I've grown to share a lot of philosophies with Yoshi: Honor, Peace, Wisdom, Strength and many other attributes his character teaches. I learned all these from many other sources but Yoshi is a notable cornerstone in my development. I've learned a lot from his character and there's definitely a lot more to learn. His philosophy is very archaic in this day and age but I find that following it seems to be the most fulfilling way to live my life. 

I think that's very cool, Grey. ^.^ Especially Yoshi-san being the highlight among your beliefs about honourable living.

I'm second to that pris. I'm kinda surprised about your view points opon yoshi Grey. You're a for sure a kickass tekken player and so it just seemed to me aleast that you were more focused on the gameplay aspect ,since you have been displaying more interest in yoshi in the game and not outside it. So I assumed you weren't that into the the more well... guidance part of him. But it wouldn't be the first time that I'm wrong lol.

I decided to add my own story here, albeit a condensed version. >:]

Ten years ago when I was fifteen, my twin brother received SCII for his life-day at the end of October. We had wanted this game because Link from The Legend of Zelda was a guest character, and because I also liked Talim's look in a Shounen Jump magazine. ^.^ So, probably not surprising to anyone, but Yoshimitsu quickly became my favourite character right away, and I enjoyed playing as 'the clown' {as I affectionately called Yoshi-san} after I tried him out the same year at Christmas. I was sick with a cold, so I missed the tree lighting ceremony downtown. Instead, I played Team Battle in SCII, as the three characters voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama; Link, Nightmare/Siegfried, and - you guessed it - Yoshi-san! ^-^

I adored Yoshi-san, and thought of him as a sort of father figure, which earned me the nickname of 'Sha-mitsu', and was carried over into my stories where she's his young apprentice. This was in 2009 that I started writing my stories, right after we had gotten Tekken 5 in late 2008. My obsession with Yoshi-san led to my brothers and I joking that Sha-mitsu's 'true love' was Yoshimitsu, although she had a fair share of bad luck with guys in my stories. I never did pair her off with anybody, as my small audience of readers - being my brothers and friends - all had a different pairing they wanted for my OC, thus why I always left it up to speculations, instead. I didn't mind so much, as I don't care for writing romance.

But I never thought much of Yoshimitsu in a romantic way, til I had posted a painting of Sha-mitsu seemingly kissing Yoshi-san farewell {although it was an AU version in Tekken, as I had used a certain image of a samurai with similar hat and lady for inspiration}, which is when others commented on the romantic possibility of the two characters, and I think everyone here had actually taken the artwork to be a serious part of my story, when, in fact, it was really done as a light-hearted joke. :p

So, in other words, I didn't get a crush on Yoshi-san til after being a member here, hehehe ^.^ The reason my brothers and I had joked about Sha-mitsu and Yosimitsu as being secretly in love, was because Sha-mitsu's close friend was Setsuka, as I decided to have Sha-mitsu be the girl from Setsuka and Mitsurugi's SCIII endings, just to give her a bit more backstory and tie-in to the series. Setsuka is a woman who is looking for revenge on Mitsurugi, who was the cause of her own father figure and master's death; Setsuka was in love with this man, so in a way, it was similar to Sha-mitsu's relationship to Yoshi-san, thus the jokes. :p

Sometimes I'm sorry I never did publish my Manjitou stories, but on the other hand, there's so many stories in that series that I could carry it over into an original series one day. To this day, Yoshi-san continues to inspire me, in writing, art, and everyday activities! ^.^ This messageboard carries some of my fonder memories in my teens, as Yoshi-san and YOTians helped me forget about the troubles of life. I had become so attached to Yoshi-san, that I remember being in my Mom's garden at the time, feeling sad, when a dragonfly came over to hover around me, as if to comfort me! I thought of the dragonfly as Yoshimitsu {a strange concept, I know}, and after relating this incident to my Mom and brothers, my Mother bought me a dragonfly decoration to keep always. I have my own little Yoshimitsu dragonfly hanging up on my bedroom wall right now! ^.^

P.s. I realised this turned out a bit more than condensed! There's so much more I could go on about, after all I quite literally wrote novels about Yoshi-san and the Manjitou. Oh dear, well, my apologies, hehehe~ :3 

Edit: My obsession with dragonflies associated with Yoshi-san expanded to an obsession with octopuses! Now I see those beauties everywhere, too! n_n ❤ ~which is awesome since I always felt an immense strong connection with the ocean ever since I was a wee one. ❤

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Your story Jem is much more interesting than mine, hehe ;) I miss our Yoshi chats, these times were golden ^^.

For me, my relationship with Yoshimitsu goes waaaay back to the days of SC on the Dreamcast. Yup, I'm that old! I'm afraid I've never been much of a gamer myself, I'm hopeless under pressure, but I love watching others play. When I was about 16 years old I was hanging out with a friend from school who had got the console at launch. It came with a copy of Soul Calibur and I spent many summer afternoons in her games room watching her and her brother duke it out. Oh how we laughed at Yoshimitsu back then. He seemed so strange, bouncing around like a crazy man.

It was several years later. 2005 in fact, that I came by Yoshimitsu again. My boyfriend at the time was playing Tekken 5. I'd never actually seen any of the Tekken games before, so was surprised when the name Yoshimitsu suddenly popped up. I asked him if this was the same character that was in SC and he explained that the games were by the same developers. Maybe it was the nostalgia. 6 years seems like nothing to me now, but at that age, I felt like I'd had several lives since that first encounter with Yoshi. Whatever it was, I found myself intrigued by this mysterious masked character. I think the skull mask helped mind you; I have a strange 'thing' for zombies! As some of you already know, I have an imaginary world in my head. I started hanging out with Yoshi in that world and having various adventures. Then at around the same time, I found YOT and once I had found other people to share the obsession with, there was no going back.

Not a very interesting story, but true at least!

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Yoshimitsu is a modern Samurai which I really like. ;)


Through the original Tekken. I was fascinated that in a game of hand-to-hand combat, there was a guy using a sword. Then, I played Tekken 2, in which Yoshimitsu has his most charming and mysterious appearance. And that was it xD

I already put that on my profile bio. Didn't know there was a thread for it. Hahaha.
I'll just copy-paste it from my bio and add some stuff. I hope everyone's okay with that. 

I've been playing Tekken since 2004, but I was young then and only played because it was a cool little game my aunt and uncle had (they had Tekken 3, Tag Tournament, and Tekken 4). Yoshimitsu ironically scared the living daylights out of me at the time and I'd go home with nightmares about him. At the time, I just picked any character without any thought, but avoided Yoshimitsu and hated when anyone else picked him because he really freaked me out. And for some reason, witnessing what I thought was a zombie, balancing on his sword like an insect on a perch was frightening beyond belief.

Years later, in 2011 when I was a teen, I picked up Tekken 4 out of an old box in my aunt and uncle's closet. Popped it in my PS2 and immediately picked Yoshimitsu, because he stood out in the character select roster and had a skull mask. At first, I had forgetten about my childhood fear of him and actually had absolutely no memory of the character. That was until I checked out his movelist and saw him do the Flea Stance. The memories came rushing back, but I now liked the character instead of fearing him, especially after playing his story mode.

The next year, my dad took me to a locally owned video game store to buy all the Tekken games 1-5 (including Tag) and I was hooked and fascinated seeing all of these significantly different costumes Yoshimitsu had in them. The one from Tekken 2 shocked me because I only knew what he looked like in 3, Tag and 4, so I thought he was a zombie samurai. Turns out he's a human ninja. The surprises kept coming because I later learned he had an ancestor in another fighting game, so I ended up getting Soul Calibur 2 and 3 shortly after getting the Tekken games.

I consider Yoshimitsu my number 1 favorite video game character, and a fan website dedicated to him is something I think the character really deserves. I main him exclusively in Tekken. I've tried to like and learn the other characters, but they just aren't as likable or as interesting to me as Yoshimitsu is. Though, it's a different story with Soul Calibur. He's actually my secondary main (primary is Mitsurugi).

My favorite Yoshimitsu outfit definitely has to be his secondary outfit from Tekken 4. To me, it's the quinessential Yoshimitsu outfit and a nice remake of his look from the first Tekken game. Yoshimitsu's at his most iconic when he dresses up like a oni/demon, which is why I loved his Genpei Toma Den customizable outfit in Tekken 6.

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That was a very interesting story there! Happy to see more people appreciate Yoshimitsu's old attires (and Mitsurugi too xD). And nice profile picture ;)