Suggestions for the YOT site

 I'm starting this again, but this time for real. :)

Our site engine has got exceptionally old. Things are going so fast nowadays in IT department... so, I'm making plans to rebuild YOT yet again.

This time, though, because of lack of any activity, I think I'll make a blog-centered website. Basically, the Manjikai will become a place for me to write Yoshimitsu-related blog, and if anybody volunteers, he/she will assist me in making the blog live. The blog posts will of course fall under many categories, but still it will be a blog, and it will be the most important part of a website. News will be rather on twitter-side, and they will reside somewhere on a sidebar.

- The forums will stay as they are, maybe rebuilt a bit.
- Private messages will stay...
- Galleries will be rebuilt
- I will add Yoshimitsu specific section - story, movelists, framedata, combolists

The series of blog articles will also feature a Yoshi mini-guide.

Do you have any suggestions as for the future YOT website? Will you like it the way I described it?

 I'm all for it. Can't help it if people aren't as active and playing still. I would definitely blog from time to time.

As for help, I'm not sure what you need but I'm willing to lend a hand.

 I feel ashamed for not having any decent feedback, dispite the time I have spent around here  

 The site's fine in my eyes, in the way that it's a very resourceful site for everything related to Yoshimitsu. For the sake of feedback/suggestions, here are a few things:

Customizability - If possible, give more customizability for the user, maybe being able to choose through different themes, dark theme, bright theme, summer theme, yoshimitsu theme, sc, tekken, etc.

Home page - From experience, I find myself just checking the forums, I don't think I've ever checked other parts of the site for a good few months. Maybe try to help these stand out more, from our fan made stories to the fan art

Communication - It's not as much as we'd like it now, but once our loyal fanbase grows larger, I think we'll need a better chat, for the sites I make the chats are the main form of connection, with a forum being the main form of discussion

Interactivity - I think what not only draws in people, but keeps people on something is interaction, so to not only receive more members but to have them stay, we need to have something for them to actively do. We need to change into a nice, close community. Something nice would be a weekly game day where everyone on whatever console gets together on that night (with time zones in mind)

That's all for now, and that's just my opinion anyways

Very nice suggestions, keep them coming! :)

I'm currently working on a customized module for the new site, it will take me some time (especially because I've recently involved myself in some tournament organization ^_^) After a week, I'll start working on new site(s) :)

There's another website that I'm going to make, but it's a secret until I make it ^_^.

Oh, by the way: how do you see the speed of the site? we've recently changed our hosting provider. Is it faster for you?
Current server's location is in a different datacenter, and also the server is equipped with a cache manager. I wonder if you feel any difference.

 Never actually kept track of it before, but now that I've tested it by going to numerous pages, it loads pretty fast. When I go to the gallery, all the thumbnails load up instantenously, same with the other pages, not sure if it was like this before. But I doubt it could be much faster than it is now.

This is internet from work though, 65 Mbps

In terms of speed you could test the site with Yslow. I've personally noticed a lot of more speed when respecting the Yslow test. It now recommends issues like add expires headers, use less external embeded files, move some javascript to the bottom of the page, gzip compress the initial page. Not that it's slow right now btw ^^

Maybe it's me, but the options in the post editor (the bar above the typing field) has sooo many options that it's almost confusing

Yoshi movelists, framedata, etc is a definite win

Maybe a centralised place (homepage?) with a list of the latest activities, wheather it's a reply on the post or a new blog posted. One combined module, not one for the forum, one for the blog, etc. Just really the last few activities sorted by date

 I really like Kai's suggestions.

Continueing on Kai's suggestion on the interactivity part. 
How about a weekly get-together, but besides that, the matches will also be streamed on a streaming site, like twitch?

We could do something like Level|Up's Wednesday Night Fights.
I know Tekken is quite popular in Europe, but we don't get much exposure :/

 To keep things flexible it doesn't have to be only Tekken too, I have other fighting games from soulcaliber to Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and I plan on getting Killer instinct in the future. Not really a street fighter fan, but if it's up for game night I'm willing to get it

If we had some monthly tournaments, we could perhaps draw some more activity to due some continuing events. The only thing like that in recent time around, is the yot awards.

 I definitely think we should strengthen the sense of community on the site.  This really is the only Yoshimitsu fansite around, and I like the fact that we all have our love for the character in common.

Also, just a personal note, I think the forum section should be reorganized.  It's a bit confusing at times, as the requirements for different sections are not all that specific.

Thank you for all your suggestions :)

I don't think the community flavour will survive - the mark of the times are social websites which are more engaging than any other websites. I don't think I have enough strength, time and resourcesto transform YOT into community website.

I rather thought it might evolve into a blog that would be written by a couple of redactors. Hmm...

@Demonitzu - good ideas, indeed I was thinking about this one :)

But my plans might as well change after I've recently heard from Mr Harada that I should "shut up" on Twitter, lol ;) He said he is going to remove Yoshimitsu and I didn't notice it was a sarcasm ;) It was quite disheartening to say the least ^_^

I had in plans to create another Tekken website (, but to hell with that!
I will focus on the Manjikai. This is my home.

 Wow, that really happened on Twitter?  That's disappointing. :(

All signs on heaven and earth say that I should quit Tekken :)
It's been a long time after all.

We all know that you are very seroius boss, but I couldn't imgaine you quiting Tekken, even if you wanted too do so.  

I think that the site could use some basic tutorials like for exsample movement, punishing ect. Just for the sake of education for the willing or unware.I can remember how clueless I was when I first started to learn about the techinical apects of fighting games, and o boy a simple guide line would have been nice XD