Weird move

Whenever I'm bashed very hard and I block, I crouch for a moment. When this happens, I usually make accidental 'while rising' moves. There were a few times that I pressed the commands -> [] /\, at the same time that I was bashed into crouching. This resulted in me doing some sort of high Samurai Cutter. Because I was far away from my opponent, it didn't hit, but it seemed like a very effective move if only I can control it. Has anyone else experienced this move accidentally? How do you do it?

I think you entered KIN short for kincho stance and pressed forward triangle, you can get in KIN from both crouching and standing.

You can try that out and see out if thats the right move :/

Nope, I use that move from Kincho a lot, usually to finnish juggles with. This was something else. It was exactly the Samurai Cutter, but his sword was higher. Didn't find this move in his command list. You can try it too. Just do the exact same thing as I said, so -> [] /\ while rising, and probably you'll get this move after trying 20 times or something.

Maybe you just meant WS+1+2?
A standard, fast, upward WS punch.

It's useful since it's one of the fastest WS moves (i10 or so)

It doesn't look like Sword Cutter, though.

What is WS? He uses his sword in the move I mean, so it's probably not it either. I'll try controlling the move, so I can tell you how to do it. I was hoping for the opposite though.

WS = while standing.

Maybe you hit 1+2+3? That can be done in crouch... it looks like yoshis standing unblockable sword spin, but the duration is shorter and does 0 damage. Despite the 0 damage, it has it's uses.

The attack that looks like the one you do from sword stab? I know that one, but never use it. it just deflects attacks from opoponents, and it's too hard to perform in battle, I think.

Aside from being able to deflect opponent attacks (I assume you mean projectile attacks... like in DR how you could deflect Jinpachi's fireballs), it also leads to a guaranteed combo if you land a CH.

CH 1+2+3 will give a free df2, 2

If the opponent hits CH 1+2+3 late in the animation, you get a free roo kick.

Speaking of projectile attacks, I wonder if 1+2+3 will deflect Alisa's rockets?

I didn't realise that version of the move did no damage :O

As always, my powers of observation while playing this game are mind blowing.

 my guess is you did 2, 1 (also known as Triangle, Square). This animates as a right punch, and then a spin to horizontal slash.

i know what he's talking bout. full crouch b+1. sword sweep.... he button mashes, thats why he cant give an accurate account as to what exactly he did. but the fact that he described it as a samurai cutter while crouching simply means sword sweep.

try this... BT u+1+2                      
i once thought it was useless but i found out during battle what its for. its for when ur back is turned and the opponent tries to grab you, they get a nasty flash!

I don't button mash, I consciously try to use the heavy bashing attack. I'm only saying that it turns into something else when I'm crouched after I'm bashed into a crouch myself. 

BT u+1+2 is BT dragonfly, bt u+1+4 is BT flash ;)