What is your favorite tekken character

Of course Yoshimitsu! But I also like King and Jin Kazama.

yoshimitsu duhh...

Actually, Im suprised that Alex hasnt made an appearance since Tekken 2. Fighting as a Velociraptor with Boxing Gloves would have been awesome nowadays. And even though there are some spare Customization Options available, I really miss the Prototype Jack of Tekken 2/Tag. His best costume was Tag's Kick variant where he had no Shirt and he wore his Cap backwards. His Spanking Throw was the best!!



oh yea that's right
alex was one of my faves... that's why i still play roger sometimes in hope he might return as a costume -.-

you guys are not the only ones you that SS+2 used too call it the titty twister of doom it is that one right?. In T6 I play Roger.jr I always pick the trangle costume because it have some the spirit of Alex

Alex was the character I started with when I first played Tekken 2 arcade, so I also have a soft spot for him.... Maybe we will see him again if they make a TTT2!

Speaking of animals, I remember playing Tekken (After purchasing it from my local FuncoLand) and eventually unlocking Kuma. My initial thoughts were "Whoa!! A Man in a GIANT Bear Costume, thats AWESOME!!" I used him for a while as I thought he would be my main character.... until I noticed a distinctive looking man with a sword. The rest, they say, is history....

And did anyone unlock Devil Kazuya on the PlayStation?? I had to do it by GameShark!!

And I also remember when Tekken 2 was released.... I bought that one on launch day after trading in my Game Gear and some of its titles. Thinking back, I remember exploding with excitement upon my ride home as I read through the manual, Yoshimitsu looked so fucking awesome with that Hat and Devil Mask. I actually remember some of his strings of basic attacks that were hard to whiff (That would work perfectly online now.... fucking lag). Perhaps now I will use his No Sword Stance against scrubs since its remniscant ot Tekken 2/Tag!! Anyway, I remember unlocking Roger and selecting him with Kick.... a Velociraptor!! Im getting an awesome sense of Nostalgia typing this as Im hearing Roger/Alex's Tekken 2 theme in my head right now!!

Thats it.... Im going home and burning all of Tekken's OSTs' to my 360 so that I can use them online....


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My Fav. Characters
4.Armor King

Yea, thats it... :/

-Manji Leader

That list is WIN. :D

Those are my favorites too, although, I also like Raven a lot. And Xiaoyu. :3

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Mine's kind of all over the place.

1. Xiaoyu/ Kunimitsu - I cannot, will not, and physically am incapable of deciding between the two. They are my love.

2. Kazuya - honestly I do not ever use him. At all. :\ For some reason it's his story, art, and overall design I adore but I just don't feel like becoming part of "those guys" that use Mishimas.

4. Panda - :) D'awwwwwww <3 Plus in 6 she turned into a ridiculous powerhouse!

5. Anna Williams/ Lee Chaolan - these two are both some of my absolute best characters (besides Ling, they can't even match her remotely), and I love how stylish and idiotic their personalities come off to be. Overly dramatic ho-bag, and a sleazy rich self-loving douche. For some reason I enjoy using them. They annoy even more than ling when people are beaten by them.

3. Yoshimitsu - Stunning design, great diversity, and in Tekken DR, his player 2 outfit was incredible! However... since Tekken 6, and Tekken 6 BR, we've had two titles already with a nerfed Yoshimitsu, that SEVERELY strayed from the Japanese aesthetic he held. I'm not really a fan as much anymore. he just seems....different now....

1) Yoshimitsu
2) Bryan
3) Heiachi
4) DJ

.... until I noticed a distinctive looking man with a sword. The rest, they say, is history....
something similar happene to me or may be to all of us. :)

Added 5 minutes later:

My back up would be alisa. She is cute, sexy she has jet packs and she is most probably Dr.B's daughter ?i am not a fan boy but look at her so cute and behaves so nice.

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My updated tops:

1. Yoshimitsu!: still my best as of now, but some say that I'm way better using my 2 or 3? I think now coz I basically become much more flexible as Yoshi compared to my 2 and 3 and I can mix up more moves than my 2 and 3...

2. Nina Williams: yeah, I admit I'm pretty good playing with Nina, although i can't perform the flapping juggle, I can still deal some pretty good moves with Nina.

3. Alisa Boskonovitch: I wasnt really sure before that I'll be a good Alisa user until I then became one. She's very fun to use and kinda easy too. I usually use her at some quick matches against my friends. Easy juggles and easy moves(in my opinion)


4. Lili Rochefort: I hate her as my enemy, and because that I hated her so much, I tried using her once and found out that its kinda nice to use her >_> I then became a good Lili user, OH NOES!

5. Kuma: I've been practicing Kuma recently coz of the extremely hard opponent I fought who used a Kuma and I tried fighting for 5x and I still cant beat that Kuma! >_<

6. Asuka Kazama: I know I'm better using her than Kuma, but I basically use baasic movesets for her and i only know 2 juggles for her :))
Characters I wanna know how to use:

-Roger Jr.
-Sergei Dragunov
-Lars Alexandersson (I definitely wanna know how to use Lars, I've been practicing, but not enough)

1. Yoshimitsu

2. Xiaoyu:

3. Heihachi

4. Kazuya

5. Wang

1. Yoshimitsu

2. Kuma

3. Paul

4. Jack

5. Alex

6. Marduk