Leaderboard problems...

As of October 2, 2010, I cannot upload any data to the leaderboards, ranked and scenario data. I signed out/in, took Tekken out and put it back in, reconfigured my network settings, but I still cannot upload to the leaderboard.

On top of that, I lost all my Tekken data so it's back to square one! haha

Has anyone else had the same/similar problems..?

Nope I haven't and hopefully never will but I like the way you are taking is with a smile instead of getting highly annyoied like the most sitting in that situation would

I'm semi-bummed, but when I think about it, it's not really hard to get back to where I was. I was kinda glad my rank was "temporarily" 0-0, but it synched back up with Tekken and I'm still 38%, haha

At least I still have my skills!

wow, you could have made a fresh start and keep a 100% winning streak =p