Tekken Movie

Oh that's sad. I feel bad for that guy. What I don't understand is, these people are putting money into making a movie that, presumably, they hope to make a high return from. So, why not ASK the fans... the target audience, what they would like/expect? Where was it made? Is it Japanese? If it is then I am surprised. Sure, the Japanese make a lot of crap movies, but there is almost always a lot of passion and imagination that goes into them (got myself a bit of a Japanese movie obsession going on right now :D).

Surely it is time for movies to be made with passion for the love of it, rather than just for the money. I mean, the movie sucks but I bet it's already made a profit. Of course, it could have made MORE money if it were good but that would have required more effort in the production phase. What? More effort for more money? In THIS day and age? That's an alien concept to these idiots.

Remake please... with Hideo Nakata directing...(omg imagine the gore?) and and... if Yoshi should take off his mask, please may it be Kenichi Matsuyama... Jembru would be a very happy girl. Though Yoshi should never take off his mask, so.. erm, can we just have Matsuyama in it anyway, pleeeeaaaaaaseee.