Yoshi skill project

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Tracking... I was recently experimenting with this issue, and I came to some interesting facts... I started experimenting after I was arguing with my friend about d/f+2.

The key to make even the linear move track very well is "f" alignment and timing. Inputting "f" just before d/f+2 not only aligns but also causes the move to be executed a little bit later, and so you hit just in time, just after the evading window of sidestep. It's so simple and basic that I even found it quite funny. :) Why didn't I see this earlier... And because I always executed a d/f+2 after a little dash ("f,N"), it hit sidestep very well.

But what about sidestep-walk? Here you can hit it with linear move.... after adding "f,f~~" before them :) Timing is also important. But there are moves that "naturally" hit sidesteppers. The best move here is u/f+4 without any doubt. You can here also use the "f~" beginning, and thus it makes this move hit BOTH sidesteps easily, and sidestep-walk. The angle of hitting ss to Yoshi's right is very funny, looks as if Yoshi hit opponent behing his back :)

Other "natural" ss-hitters
- f,f+2 PERFECTLY catches sidestep to Yoshi's left. Ultimate tool anti Baek's Flamingo step, remember it :) Just too good verus him. If you do f,f,n,2, it tends to catch the other sidestep, due to the different timing. But the delay is too big.
- d+2 low punch greatly catches ss to Yoshi's right.
- d/b+1 catches ss to Yoshi's left
- WS+2 catches ss to Yoshi's right
- d+4 catches BOTH sidesteps. Great tool for nose-to-nose sidesteppers like Nina, spamming with her ss+2.
- f+3 catches sidestep to Yoshi's right (sidestep-walk, too). But it's high, beware.
- DGF 4 catches sidestep to Yoshi's left and with alignment even to his right.
- DGF 3 catches ss to Yoshi's right.
- beware d/f+4, it doesn't naturally catch ss-ers! It catches only due to speed and so you have more chances to hit in the proper timing. But in custom strings, the advantage/disadvantage situations and buffered steps can make your d/f+4 whiff easily.
- f+2 perfectly catches ss to Yoshi's left, but hits high. I like using f+2~D/B+2,2,2 versus this sidestep
- d/b+2,2,2 catches ss to Yoshi's left
- d/f+1 catches ss to Yoshi's left
- b+1 merely catches ss to Yoshi's right, but this move isn't that reliable
- b+1~D/B+3,3,4 is a great anti-any sidestep tool. I recommend it :)

Uff... :) OK, so now little summary:
- linear moves: adding f~ catches single sidestep
- linear moves: adding f,f~ catches sidestep-walk (timing also important)
- ss-catching moves: adding f~ catches everything.