Tekken Movie

I'm glad everyone hated it so much like I did...

# Jembru : Woah. I am so glad I avoided this one. I admit I was curious, in the way one might be curious to try recreational drugs, even though they know they are bad in the long run. Well, I'm glad I 'just said no' and I won't be putting myself through this movie (or the therapy I would need to get over seeing Yoshi raped like that... remember South Park??). Besides, I have (to quote my mum) 'the attention span of a gnat' when it comes to movies. Unless it really, really captivates me early on, I tend to wonder off halfway through, if not literally, then at least into the deep and murky chasms of my mind. Hopefully I'd have avoided the trauma.

I hope you guys get over this terrible, terrible experience. One day at a time, right? Oh, we could form a support group for survivors of the Tekken Movie... or or... Post Tekken Movie Shock Syndrome (PTMS syndrome for short of course ;)).

Lets make a deal. If any of us should become a multibillionair (or marry one ;) lol) we will make our own Tekken movie that doesn't totally suck!! It can still be low budget too. Some independent movies rock (okay, not Dragon.. that thing was eye torture) so long as there is passion and love behind it's creation. I would have the movie written and directed almost entirely by fans (with a few professionals for the finishing touches of course). Ah, roll on September when I won't have so much time to day dream such nonsense...

Hey, this broadcast was brought to you by a cup of tea and a crumpet. Tune in next time when I will take a close look at the letter n and we ask ourselves 'is that letter unlucky because all the luck drains out of it?'. Until then... have a nice day!

That's a brilliant idea Jembru. I think people should make a movie about the manji clan instead of making tekken the main subject of a movie. Perhaps a story with Yoshimitsu and the story of the cursed sword and kunimitsu bein badass and making a twist in the story. And then Tekken gets briefly introduced so Yoshimitsu can get revenge on the death of his manji clan or something or trying to track down kunimitsu. Idk, but there r a lot of possibilities to make a good solid story with action included (perhaps a secret romantic scene w yoshi and kuni... idk).