Tekken Movie

Not to mention the end of the movie suggest that they might continue it... without Yoshi? It's some kind of joke.

Another LOL: Yoshi listens to Kazuya. TO KAZUYA?! Yoshi detests villains.

Unless in the possible next movie they make Yoshi as he should be (the individual who goes his own path, rules the Manji Clan with their own vision and mission), I'll always be against this movie.

Good mentions:
- the way Kazuya was played. Great actor! His emotions were clear and not false. When he got hit by the axe that cut his stomach, I could see the real pain and despair. A very good choice. It was a pleasure watching him. Gonna remember his name.
- Heihachi: also very good! Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa is one of my favourite actors anyways.
- Jin: a bit too childish, Jin normally is way more distanced and calm, but I suppose it was they way he should be in the movie.
- Steve: a good actor (also co-producer of the movie).
- Raven: the closest to his game character. Well-played.
- Yoshi: because somebody had the guts to try to play him. Props! It looked quite good! But the spirit of Yoshimitsu wasn't there at all. It's because of the director not studying Tekken story well.

And overally, I could see many signature moves in the movie, that counts!