Tekken Movie

Tekken movie sucks effing bad. It gave me that same facepalm feeling like I was watching the dragonball movie and I'm still trying to erase that out of my memory.

anyways since this is a yoshimitsu forum, I'll only talk about him since I don't wanna spoil the whole movie and the fails of it for you.

The whole fight with Yoshimitsu beating the crap out of Jin is okay, I loved the scene. But then Yoshi suddenly throws his katana away (I was like wtf you doing yoshi-tard) and started to fight with Jin's javelin or something. Eventually they continue the fight in hand- to hand combat and Yoshi is still kicking his ass, but in the end Yoshi gets a little distracted, gets his punch guarded and gets a normal kick in the face.

Now comes the bulshit part.

Jin gives him 1 solid punch in the face (why that was a hit, I don't know.)and he's down for the count. The next scene they announce Yoshimitsu is dead...

Yoshimitsu gave Jin a total whoop-ass beat down and he still didn't win, He lost, no wait, DIED because of 1 punch in the face. WTF ?!!!

The only good thing about this movie is Yoshimitsu's costume and Bryan. They did a good job on Bryan and he still uses his signature moves like in Tekken, for the rest. This movie sucks.

oh yea, Bryan eventually dies too because of jin

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