If you had a Devil Form.....

# Jembru : LOL Manjimitsu. I'm a bit like that too just it's tea and not coffee that I need. Coffee is just for when I am really, really tired but need to stay up. I noticed you're British? Well.. well.. why not tea?? I don't understand... lol sorry, I'm just being silly and excited by the new girl (I am assuming you're female because of the boyfriend thing, so forgive me if I am wrong ^^).

Oh, right.. devil form. Erm, I don't have a devil form, I have an evil 'wasp' form. I was trying on clothes today for work, and my friend pointed out that I have a body shaped like a wasp. Good job I am thick skinned (could that be the exoskeleton?). Thick skinned, short tempered but easily crushed... ???


HAHAHA Sorry but once you try coffee you can never go back to tea. To each their own though :) And about my gender, I can be anything you want me to be. Seriously, I'm a girl though.