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No, if that were insane then people wouldn't make so much money from such places. I think it is natural curiosity to want to see disaster sites. Maybe because it reminds us how fragile our existence is? I dunno. I'm too sensitive for such things, that's why I couldn't handle going to Hiroshima. I heard about the little tricycle that a child was riding when the bomb hit. That really haunted me, sure it was a war and people always die in war but why innocent people? Children? Ugh.. I just couldn't go.

But to lighten the mood, I'll post your favourite kanji... 人 bet that made you smile... hito ftw!!!

Oh and Koga, how was the festival? I was at a festival that weekend too. Mine was in an old ruined castle and the music was the most unlikely mixture ever... hip hop, folk and rock. Try to imagine the crowd that would show up for THAT!! Was fun though. No goths though; not surprisingly.

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