Fanfiction Pairings

That's interesting. There are some characters I never think about when it comes to pairing, and Dragunov is one of them. I think it's just a lack of interest that leads me to sort of ignore a lot of characters when it comes to fanfiction. I don't know if that's good or bad...

Anyway, I finally finished another chapter of my Xiaomitsu fanfic. I haven't posted it to my account yet, because I'm still proofreading it. I've found that while feeling between the two are definitely getting more prominent, it's not really going anywhere, which I think is perfect. Especially considering some people might be put off by the idea.

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But Yoshimitsu/Jun is real love. :P

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Wow! It's almost been a year since someone posted in this thread! LOL! Where the heck is everyone? :/

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