What about Kunimitsu?

I don't know why you all are having a conversation that even entertains the idea of Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu being romantically involved. He's obviously going to end up getting together with me! :p

But on a serious note, I can't even express how much I love the idea of those two having a love/hate relationship. It's so appealing! It's much, MUCH more interesting than a typical relationship. I've always had it in my head that they were both in the Manji Clan, maybe they had something going on back in the day or at least had feelings that started to develop, and then over time I think Kunimitsu grew to be proud and arrogant and greedy. Then things went south and Yoshimitsu, deciding to extinguish any feelings he might have had for her, banished her for the good of the clan. It's such a great story. It leaves so much room for further development and conflict.

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