What about Kunimitsu?

Saikoro : Coming late to this topic, I think its hilarious to know that Kuni just was a copy and paste of Yoshimitsu back in the original Tekken. Namco must have realized that this looked horribly gay and decided to make a female counterpart to add to the whole storyline. I mean, Yoshimitsu in a Purple BodySuit?!?!

I think she is totally underrated as she worked very well back in Tekken 2, even moreso in Tag. As with our main man, she was harder to use but excellent in the hands of an expert.

Shit, I remember when I could use just about everyone in Tag's roster.... even to the point to where I could randomly select Mokujin and own.

I really hope Namco decides to release some type of Tag mode for 6. Wishful thinking for sure, but imagine the possibilities!! I think it could be done with digital downloads/add-ons.


I miss her a bunch, she was my second main in Tekken tag. That would definitely be an excellent idea and much like Tekken tag, it would be awesome to see some sort of tag add-on or separate game like that. Kunimitsu is a character in my opinion with a lot of potential, she didn't have to be completely different from Yoshi, considering she trained in his style of Ninjutsu. Yes it would be nice to see her with some new moves of her own, based on that particular style of the weapon she specialized with, but she doesn't have to be completely different. Nina and Anna, no matter how different they may be now especially in Tekken 6, still carry some moves that have the same motions that look and work the same way. Why not that for Kunimitsu and Yoshimitsu.

Eddie and Christie are pretty much the clones of the game now, the only thing I see different about Christie and Eddie is their 1+3 throws, where Christie does a DDT thing, and Eddie does his same Tekken 3 throw. At least Kunimitsu had a vast majority of unique moves in Tekken tag, such as the Manji Rana, which seemed more like her signature throw and some side throws of her own. She also had other good tricks up her sleeve that she never had in Tekken 2, such as Ninja Jewel, Kunai Sky Drop (English Name) and others. Her 10 hit string was a bit poor, but she could've had others. She was quite different compared to Yoshi, but still carrying some basic Manji stuff :)

Oh not to mention, look at the bears. hmm.. you wonder why Alex got eliminated from the roster, he was a clone as well with nothing unique other than the voices I believe :|

She's got plenty of potential in my opinion, I don't think Namco should have ignored her like that and put her aside from the roster.

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