Tekken 6 Lag/Patch Impressions

Saikoro : So the Patch landed come yesterday morning. Thanksgiving to be exact. And I have lots to be thankfull for with Namco's Patch.

Either some rabid fan threatened someone in Namco with a Gun, or maybe MarkMan (Basically the voice of the Tekken Community) was held hostage by that same crazy bastard.... the Patch is that good. So good in fact, my Percentage in both Ranked and Player Matches jumped by 4%. My Player Percentage was at 70% and now Im at 74.2%. My Ranked went from a lag ridden 54.1% to a nice and ever improving 58.2%. Not too bad.

Playing Ranked Matches are actually a pleasure now as you can see what type of connection your opponent has beforehand. If you dont like seeing those Red/Yellow Bars, simply cancel and search again until you see a suitable connection. And speaking of Bars, if youve got a 4 or 5 green bar connection, the game plays like offline mode.

Looks like I need to renew my Membership : )

I shit you not....