Which Characters Do You Play At The Moment?

I do have to say that playing against the A.I. on Ultra Hard in practice mode, or as I call it, "Sparring" is a great way to learn to counter/defend against Bull-Rushes. Im currently at my part timer picking up spare hours, and I was playing against Bruce for a good 45 minutes and my total Attack Damage was at 15,454. His was at 15,320. Yeah, lots of trading strikes, but DAMNIT!! You really have to position your retaliation jabs to really get in and attack. Whats also very interesting is that you have no room for Yoshimitsu's Fluff attacks, like Stances or anything relatively familiar/cool looking.... Unless if a rare opening comes about.

Although no player will ever act like the rabidly murderous Ultra Hard A.I., you get to improve your reflexes as you really have no time to think. To prove this further, Spar for a good 30 minutes and then play Ghost Battle.... Yup....