Which Characters Do You Play At The Moment?

Tenshimitsu : Saikoro, did you play Yoshi in Tekken 5.0, Tekken DR? :)

I played 5, but only on the PS2 for its initial year and a half of release. I then traded the game in as I was hankering for some tourney play, but nobody was hosting anything at that time (And I wasnt an avid Internet fiend to look up such things). I also played Dark Resurrection on the PSP for three straight months before Tekken 6's release. My Tekken prime time was back in Tag's heyday. I was in the arcade on a near daily basis as thats when I had my liscense and mom's car :D. Those were the days to where 50 cents would last upwards of 90 minutes. I pissed lots of my friends off!! And the group of people who played alongside me were no slouches either as 95% of our matches were dictated by the time running out!! There were at least 10 of us who played competitively.... it was like a Fight Club of sorts!! I would like to add in that I played Tekken 1 through 3 LOTS as I was only a teen with lots of spare time on my hands. I was 14 when Tekken graced my PSOne. Im honestly feeling bad for trading all of my previous Tekkens' in.... I had some overly ridiculous records in, like a 98% win ratio with Yoshimitsu as none of my friends could ever beat me, alongside a whopping 1,000+ uses with him in Tekken 2. Hell, I would say Ive used him for a total 8,000+ matches. Time adds up after 15 years, ya know??


Compared to Dark Resurrection, Yoshimitsu's more important moves (Knee Cap, every blockable sword move.... which I still cant wrap my brain around.... its a fucking sword!!) feel a bit toned down, but his bag of tricks/mindgames and swordplay have opened up considerably. Like 1,000 fold considerably.

If only you get a chance, try to record your matches, Saikoro. :) If only you'd like me to evaluate your opponents' level of play, and maybe yours as well? It depends on you, sometimes I'm asked to do it and I think I'm pretty good at observations.

Ive actually got a good 5 Player Matches recorded on my Digital Camera, all prepared to get edited (Placing in a song to blot out my rambling) and submitted on YouTube. Im gonna upload those come this Sunday unless anything comes up, so keep your eyes peeled. I also feel like a dunce as Jose and I had some pretty phenominal matches at my last Tournament, I wish I could have brought my freggin' camera!!

Lastly, I do have to say that one of my weaknesses that I notice is becomming overly offensive to the point to where I leave myself wide open for a life draining counterattack. Otherwise, I just need to play more human matches with people who are actually good, if not better, than I. On LIVE/PSN, its all about hoping to meet up with a great player who isnt a cheap bastard. Good luck there....


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