Which Characters Do You Play At The Moment?

Im going to do a repeat session of a post here, but Im high off of Tournament fumes, so I GOTTA post this again.

Yoshimitsu will always be my main character. I dont care what anyone says.... I do not feel he has been nerfed. Look at Otokonoko videos. Look at his expanded swordplay. He may not have Bulldogging skills, but his versatility makes up for that in spades. Again, see Otokonoko videos where he whittles down the competition in pure crazy style. And its great to see everyone say "Dude, youre Yoshimitsu Rocks, I havent seen anyone play him like that before" as their eyebrows rise from decent Tourney results.

Always has and will always be my main man.

For my secondary character, its a tie between Heihachi and Kazuya. Both characters hit with absolute brutality alongside great offensive rush capabilities. Mix in Low Spin Kick options with plenty of finishing possibilities and youre that dangerous.

Enough rambling.... heres a handy checklist of people Im good with:

1. Yoshimitsu.... obviously!!
2. Kazuya/Heihachi
3. Paul
4. Lee Chaolan
5. Armor King
6. Devil Jin, AKA Tekken Tag Jin

And some more, even though Im not as good with these below listed players....

7. King
8. Law
9. Jack-6
10. Xiaoyu
11. Jin
12. Bryan Fury

And I give credit to any solid Mokujin player. I loved him when you DIDNT have 40 characters to randomly select from. He was a favorite in Tekken 3 and Tag. And where is ComBot?!?!