Tekken 6 Lag/Patch Impressions

Since this seems to be the talk about Tekken 6 thread I'll post my impressions of the game here. I haven't had the chance to try online mode (I have it on the 360) so maybe by the time I renew my xbox live the lag problems will be fixed.

Yoshi's moveset is so expanded and different that I have been mainly using Julia until I can get used to the differences with him. The sword and non sword stances are almost like two different fighters. Julia's moves are just as quick as last game and vary high to low well to help against defensive players. I'm still working on maximizing damage out of juggles cause you can't put your opponent in the air and f,f1 4-5 times like in Tekken 4 and 5.

I like the scenario mode's expanded storyline. I've liked Tekken's story much better than other fighters (nonexistant) ones and now they're really going in depth with it which is awesome. They're incorporating other characters than just the Mishimas to larger extents and have different character conversations depending on who you play as. I also find it funny how some characters speak japanese to other characters who speak english and they understand eachother perfectly.

So far so good : )