Tekken 6 Lag/Patch Impressions

Saikoro, are you speaking of online or offline input lag? Because most of the top players, hell basically everyone that knew Tekken before, kinda knew what to expect with T6 online mode... It is a major feat to make a lagless fighter online, people will argue that games such as blazblue and SF4 had better online modes, but do these games even compare graphically, or run 60 frames per second? No sir they do not... I'm not completely sure the world and it's collective internet connection is ready or can handle Tekken at this time, it's just unfortunate that they decided to concentrate so much effort on their online mode, even to go as far as forcing you to play online to rank up! And if it's offline input lag you are referring to, I have heard others complaining about this too.. I think it has much to do with your tv and such, but I haven't experienced any offline lags, except the Raven slowdown, which has already been acknowledged and will be patched a.s.a.p. says a Namco representative..