Tekken 6 Lag/Patch Impressions

Do it by yourself, Saikoro. :)
d/b+3,3,3,3, d/b+3,3,3,3

But just as I said... unfortunately no online mode will prove somebody's skill.

Also, I'm shocked that Namco made of Tekken almost a 1-person game. You cannot set two configs in versus mode! You cannot set two configs in options as well. It was present in ALL previous Tekkens, and now what? Also, you cannot record in practice mode! How am I supposed to test frames? How am I supposed to test JFs?

It's very disappointing.

PS. Looking at Yoshi's frames:

... it should be pretty okay... :) The fun part is... that most opponent's strings on block have less disadvantage frames than our own moves on block. So if we can live with our moves, we shouldn't fear somebody's offense that much. But, knowing frames become very important now. ^^

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