Tekken 6 Lag/Patch Impressions

Thanks for the tip Yoshitora.

And Tenshimitsu, Im with you on a few of your points. However, what makes Yoshimitsu such a headache is playing against scrubs who use lag to their advantage. Asuka's Low Sweep Series?? King's Low Sweep Series?? Kazyua's Roundhouse Sweep Series?? Feng Wei's incredibly Cheap Flip Kicks on Wake Up?? Eddy Gordo's Spammable Spin Kicks?? All possible with no countering ability whatsoever, all thanks to shoddy connection. Frame Data is now nonexistant thanks to horrible Net Code/Connection.

I Actually watched a few replays that I have saved and I looked like a complete idiot even though I won. Replays do not record Lag issues. On the Replay, you can actually telegraph what the opponent is going to do. But try doing that with a 3 bar connection live.... EPIC FAIL. Worse?? I won just doing 10 hit combos.... :dontgetit

And I do not care how many times I fall victim to all of this cheap crap..... Im never giving up Yoshimitsu. EVAH.

And for further proof that Yoshimitsu shouldnt be considered a low ranking, secondary bastard?? Just watch Noko's Yoshimitsu videos on YouTube. No lag = phenominal setups and chance to actually win. I bet you that World Class Players would cringe and avoid these console versions once they experience Lag.

Thats all Im going to say.