Tekken 6 Lag/Patch Impressions

You know... the more difficult it gets to play Yoshi, the more sweat I want to squeeze out of my gameplay to be able to stand a chance versus everyone else.

Yoshimitsu will still be my main.

... though I have high hopes for balance patches... dammit, how could they overlook Yoshi's problems with spammable, shameless offense? Everyone has something against it, something better and more rewarding, something feared, making opponents have more respect. The only stance I feel comfortable with against spammable offense is... No Swords Stance. But okay, first I have to enter that stance, it requires some room to breathe. :D

Yoshi feels very vulnerable because entering his stances takes some time. He should be quicker here, and his stances should be more evasive.

I'm also shocked that new Flea moves are signalized. What for Yoshi taks a step before making a Flea move? It's the major overlook. I want FLE f+3 and FLE f+4 come off just like FLE 1 or FLE 2. What for freaking step forward?

Also, KIN badly NEEDS crouch cancel or a proper high-crush property. It's so vulnerable...