Tekken 6 Lag/Patch Impressions

Tenshimitsu : Not only Yoshi is slower in tekken 6. I've heard that the whole game is slower, gonna test that maybe today :D.

He has indeed a great arsenal, but I fear the high-level competitive gameplay... ouch, Yoshi doesn't have much tournament-friendly options. Setups can be learned and anticipated... and then we're left with the pure punishing and whiff-punishing stuff.

Yoshi's whiff-punishing is bad.
Yoshi's disadvantage punishing stuff is even badder (a lot worse compared to previous Tekkens)

That's why you're seeing Yoshi's abusing f,f+4. It's the best competitive move he has.

Well, we shall see... but it will be a haaaard tiiiime for tournament Yoshi.

Lars is powerful as hell. Already a hated noskill character in some communities. :D The class-S in tiers are Steve and Law. They'll most probably murder Yoshi because poor Yoshi doesn't have much options for pitbullers. He hast to have a room to breathe and the difference between good and bad Yoshi will be in the ability to controll distance when under pressure.

It's good I have also Dragunov, Lili and probably Lars, Bob, Alisa to try.
Damn it. Dose this means that I have to put Yoshi as a secondary character, and go with a high tier character as a main one???? NOOOOOO I don't want that

Hence the reason Lars has become my new main. Yoshi will always be my favorite though. Lars is probably my favorite of the newer characters.

He's great.

Saikoro, Lee is also one of the best characters to complete Scenario Campaign with as well.