Tekken 6 Lag/Patch Impressions

Its the FUCKING LAG that makes Yoshi a less formidable opponent. I feel as if he has tremendous Lead-in's (E.G. Moves that slide you in Forward before connecting, like DT+3,1 or T,T+4 and T+1+2) that do a tremendous job at countering any move. He is awesome to use.... but.... fucking.... lag (Can we call Tekken 6 "Tekken Lag Tournament??"). It absolutely destroys my game as I fall victim to NO escaping of Kazuyas Spin Kicks, or King's Low Sweep Series. Whats maddening here (I actually headbutt my bathroom door in anger!!) is that even you can see the moves coming from decent distance, Lag completely screws up your timing and forces you to eat a hit. Since Tekken 6 is truly a button mashers wet dream, many moves string together. Talk about cheap victories. Frame Data is totally unjustifiable now. And Im not going to resort to button mashing....

Except if I pick Lee Chaolin. Once I get enough credits, Im pimpin him out to Pink to look even more flamboyant and embarassing just because this Lag is completely ridiculous.

Thus far its a 58% win rate with Yoshimitsu, and thats from trying to play as I always have with this connectivity issue. Maddening, like Blood Pressure goin' up Maddening. Lee is at 92.85% just from kick spamming regardless of connection. Hilarious and Demeaning at the same time. I feel as Ive never played Tekken before.... :blush


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