Tekken 6 Lag/Patch Impressions

Not only Yoshi is slower in tekken 6. I've heard that the whole game is slower, gonna test that maybe today :D.

He has indeed a great arsenal, but I fear the high-level competitive gameplay... ouch, Yoshi doesn't have much tournament-friendly options. Setups can be learned and anticipated... and then we're left with the pure punishing and whiff-punishing stuff.

Yoshi's whiff-punishing is bad.
Yoshi's disadvantage punishing stuff is even badder (a lot worse compared to previous Tekkens)

That's why you're seeing Yoshi's abusing f,f+4. It's the best competitive move he has.

Well, we shall see... but it will be a haaaard tiiiime for tournament Yoshi.

Lars is powerful as hell. Already a hated noskill character in some communities. :D The class-S in tiers are Steve and Law. They'll most probably murder Yoshi because poor Yoshi doesn't have much options for pitbullers. He hast to have a room to breathe and the difference between good and bad Yoshi will be in the ability to controll distance when under pressure.

It's good I have also Dragunov, Lili and probably Lars, Bob, Alisa to try.