Music Thread - What Are You Listening To??

Im listening to the Snatch's Movie Soundtrack as Im going to use some of its Music for upcoming YouTube Videos. If you havent seen this film, then youre missing out on possibly one of the greatest "English Gangter" flicks ever!!

Four notable songs to listen to are:

Diamonds - Klint (Opening Song)
F**kin' in the Bushes - Oasis (Heard when the Last Fight Scene starts)
SuperMoves - Overseer
Disco Science - Marwais (Heard when Brick Top's Thugs are chasing Tyrone down.... good stuff)

Also, I highly recommend looking up March of the SwivelHeads by The English Beat. Remember the scene in Ferris Beuler's Day Off when he is running home to beat his Parents to the punch?? Yup, that song is awesome. I made it into a Cell Phone Ringer!!