YOT's Birthday and the YOT Awards

yoshimitsu8861 : dont you like it? more awards=more awardees= more chances!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hmm... I would agree if there were more active members, I mean, I dont care if just about all active members have a badge, it is only fun after all. But this is almost 20 categories and so some members will end up with more than one and I think I said early on in this thread that too many categories will make voting tiresome and maybe put some people off.

But, I will go along with what the mass wants so... any one else have an opinion??

if I had to pick categories to drop I'd choose...

Most helpful member (we're all helpful when we need to be, if asked the right questions, it's not like there is one person who runs around getting your shopping in)
Member with the best avatar (Oh come on, everyone knows my kuromi is best, kidding, but seriously, the avatars are so unique to the individual that I couldn't pick one that is better than the others)
Member who´s online the most (Do we really need this? I mean, I get logged in automatically whenever I drop by, so I often appear online, don't think I need a prize for that)
Member who always goes off-topic :P (Off topic? Us? No way...besides, someone may not see the funny side if they don't consider their posts off-topic)
Member with the best signature (not sure about this one.. maybe it is worth keeping, but signatures change all the time and they're all more or less the same thing, some kind of meaningful or funny quote, but it does not exactly take creative genius to come up with something)

Right, the sun is rising and I havent been to bed yet.. so goodnight YOT!!!