Which Tekken character(s) do you resemble?

Yoshimattsu : Your very welcome! I am a firm believer of, just because you can't touch it, or see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist..There are just some people who believe, and then there are the people who are trying to prove to themselves it isn't for real. I don't know why people have a stupid question about the lottery or "What am I thinking about right now?" I think you should keep up the meditation though, because once you've learned to concentrate your thoughts in such a noisy hectic environment, you will be able to meditate in any situation..

That's good to hear. I really appreciate your support, and it's good to know you're open-minded, as well. :)

I think the other kind of people, who don't believe, are the ones who are, perhaps... afraid?... of what they don't understand... if they took the time though, and opened their hearts, and minds - they, too, could understand... but some people don't want to change, or accept anything out of the, "ordinary". :(

Anyhow, I will most definately try to pick up the meditation again - things have seemed to settle down a little in the household, and I could use the time to relax, especially with the stress :X... and like you said, once I get pass the first stage of getting used to it - I'll be able to meditate, regardless of the partying neighbours, and then I can stay honing in on focusing my energies. :)

I'm going to be just like Yoshimitsu, and try to be able to concentrate like he does! :D ...now, if I could learn teleport, that would be cool. :D *being silly now ^^*