Dragon Ball: Yo! The Return of Son-Goku and Friends!

I always loved DragonBall, and Z, and GT... kind of, for GT. :P

When I was young, I remember watching DragonBall, but then we didn't have cable for years; so I didn't get to see DBZ until I was a young teen, and I become a big fan of it. ^_^ GT was nice, too... if not cheesy. :P

And I really enjoyed this movie, it was pretty fun. :) My friend from Holland burned it onto a DVD, and shipped it over to me, so I could watch it, too. My brothers, and I, decided to read the subtitles, adding a voice to each character (I remember reading mostly Gokuu's lines, and Goten's lines, other than the ladies,'); and that was pretty funny, lol. ^^

I'm still surprised Vegeta has a brother, Tarble... gosh... that one was unexpected by a long shot. :O But anyhow, I really think Tarble seems nice, and has a really cute wife, hehe. ^-^

(The fight scene really could've been better, but aw well...)