Which Tekken character(s) do you resemble?

Jembru : I dont really know the characters well enough to say so I took the 'which tekken character are you?' quiz (http://quizfarm.com/quizzes/new/Jerichoholic/which-tekken-character-are-you/) apparently I am Ling Xiaoyu. Could be worse, I could have been Lily. OMG imagine?? I would not have left my house for a MONTH!!! The shame would have been too much to handle.

Oh and Pris, you are into the occult? Have you seen my blog? I had written more but I never got to finish it so just deleted all the other related entries.

Well.. gotta go make friends with a panda now... sigh...

I took the quizzie, and got... Jun Kazama (tied with Lei Wulung, but they had a final question to pick between as a tie breaker, and I got Jun, because of that). Gosh, I wasn't expecting that one; although, I don't know much about her, to compare myself to her. And Lei Wulung is more my brother, hehe. :P

Yep, I like the occult, and supernatural. :) I've read littles bits of your blog (and what I have read so far, has interested me), but with this annoying dial-up, it's hard to be able to read through a whole page. :X

I'm hoping that by my saying this on here, publicly, that I won't be made fun of... but I'm a psychic (also a big reason of why I chose Zafina), and so are my brothers, and our mother (and we get a hard time from certain family members at home, and others outside). My only problem is I suffer from doubt, and I have a hard time focusing on developing it - but I can see auras, and predict what people are going to be saying in conversations with one another (along with other things, check up, "Indigo Child"; my Mom says that seems to be sound like me, and my older brother, while my other brothers are Crystal, and Rainbow, children, I think that's what Mom said)... ahem, sorry for getting off-topic there, but I wanted to further add onto why I chose Zafina, other than her being really awesome. :D