SumSamurai : Bumm.. I wrote a long reply to this and got signed out. X|

Yes, music and background noise does help a lot *Remembering school* hehe! Everyday was an art class for me lol. I do occasionally doodle images I see in my dreams or what happens in my fantasy world (That seems to be drifting further away from me). But doodling is cheap, it's not real art.

I like how music stirs my feelings, like when I drew; my 'Yoshi peace' (Which looks so much more better in real life) Located in my fan arts. I was constantly listening to 'Return to innocence' by Enigma. Can you see how the song had an influence on that picture? hehe ^_^

It was about 6 or something years ago. (really feels longer)I was 16-17, and am the youngest person in the world to participate in the design of a game. I had my say about the appearance of some of the race cars, and the complete design of my own secret level. Tinkered and toyed with studio equipment - learned about every thing's purpose and the peoples jobs; Sooo much, that I found out how they made the sound effects of the cars' engines!: An elongated sound recording of a fart! LMAO Can you believe it??? :D

Thank you for your interest. :)

Could you tell more about your team and projects? what is your style of art i wonder? :)

You were in an art school? That's real nice. :) I once went to an acrylic painting class; 'twas very enjoyable. :D ...although, it was hard going out every Saturday morning at 9am, because I had a habit of sleeping in (plus, my sleeping schedule is plain weird, anyhow). :X

Even little doodles, and quick sketches, are good - because then later, you could perhaps take those quickies, and make an actual image based on them (like have draft doodles). :)

Hehe, I agree - music is indeed wonderful for the emotions, and inspiration... I should check your fanart out - I want to see, "Yoshi Peace". :D

You're seriously the youngest? Wow, that's like a record, right? :D :D :D A secret level sounds awesome. ^_^ And... wow, I really didn't know that about how they made the sounds of cars... omg, lol. XD

You're welcome, I like hearing other people's projects, and works. :)

Umm... let's see... started with the idea of making animation someday - that would be too difficult, so we settled for making comics; although, now how our first series has developed, it's now a graphic novel.

We're currently working on the... erm... 10th-to-12th version (lost count ^^;...), and we hope to have it online this year, since we're taking the approach of web-graphic novels (like webcomics, and webmanga). There's also other projects - we like to do alot of things, and have fun trying out different creatives things... like making music, filming, and writing, of course... etc... so, pretty much it's an art group for anything, and everything creative. :)

I'd link to the homepage address, but I really don't want to come off as advertising (along with the fact we're going to be moving to a different webserver, and the group site's being revamped, anyhow :P).

Umm... I could give you our deviantART page, as well as my fanart dA page, too, though, if you wanted to check it out. :) (Do you have one? :D)

MANJI YOSHIMITSU : Welcome to YOT Sha-mitsu :) I hope that you will like it here:yes

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto! :D Seriously, thankyou. :)

Jembru : Hey.. welcome to the family... Sorry I didn't say 'hi' sooner... I'm so used to it being quiet here that I dont quite know how to deal with all this activity!!! You seem really interesting, I am always amazed at the quality of Yoshi's fans, he somehow attracts the best kinds of people... He's definately one lucky ninja!! I am really happy that there are new YOTians joining us :D This ROCKS!!!!


Hello, it's all right. :) Thankyou for the warm welcome. ^^ Hehe, yes, Yoshi-san seems to have very nice, and decent, fans; from what I can gather. :D Well, I hope I don't disappoint then. ^^; Thanks again. :)