I've only heard of a handful of U.S. arcades that have it and I'm not near any of them. Indiana is like a giant cornfield with nothing but farms and cows and stuff! I can't even get DSL where i live (too remote). Also, your monkey people rant made perfect sense to me,and I think you're right. God bless the internet for allowing international exposure for all to see. I'm suprised how many people from so many different countries are on here. I don't want to sound sexist or anything but I've honestly never met a girl who could even stand watching me play let alone hand me my ass and make me thank her for it. I'm just really impressed, it's cool to know there are girls out there that really do enjoy the same stuff I do. My girlfriend rolls her eyes when i talk about tekken and we have only been together for a year (poor girl has no idea how much time i've spent in practice mode).