Hi there Matt and welcome!

T6?? Well... I have been privilaged enough to be in the same room as T6 in an arcade Sumsamurai took me to in London, but I dont think being in the same room counts, right?? Dunno how he was to play but Yoshi was looking FANTABULOUS!!!!!! There are several memebers here who regularly play T6 but I dunno if they'll post anytime soon (if you had a T6 arcade nearby would YOU have time to visit this forum?? lol)

I like your curiosity and I guess I share it too. I love this little blue rock that we live upon and I love exploring and comparing different cultures only to realise that despite our differences, we're all sticky, gooey and full of red stuff on the inside :D I think what I mean is, it is nice to know that at the end of the day, we really are just all one great big race of up-right standing monkey people and any differences between us are kinds trivial!!! Though, those monkey people do have a tendancy to fight, just like the monkeys in the zoo when there's only one half-apple left... silly monkeys :((

Anyway... enough of my nonsense.. hopefully someone sensible will post here soon!! :p