Minasan, akemashite omeditou gozaimasu! -happy new year everyone

Lalalalalala This place needs to liven up! When do we get shout-box back???

Guess I could tell my new years revolution.:D It was in my drunken rambling in my last post here before I edit.

I've pretty much achieved it already. To become a better person and rise above my foes.

I got new job. - much better than old job which I publicly refer to as The Shop Of DOOM. - The place where bully managers thrive; only because they flash their bosoms at their own perverted middle-aged bosses. And don't work. knit-pick and sleep off Saturday nights booze on work premises during work hours!!!

YES!! Don't know why I didn't leave sooner. - was too damn depressed I suppose. - Everyone was surprised when I quit. And not long after me they quit to. So i inspired others to move on and find better place to work. :)

The other day i walk passed The Shop Of Doom and noticed the window had been smashed. - "Oh dear.." i said Smiling. :) :) :)