Dragon Ball: Yo! The Return of Son-Goku and Friends!

Well, but it´s been 12 (!) years since we´ve heard anything from DragonBall. And I don´t really watch the series anymore, cause I know all that happens :P

Hmm, I think rapidshare has restricted its download speed for free users, that might be the reason why it took u ages ^^

So, did u like it ?? I think this is one of the most funny things in DB history ever, so many jokes in there :D
And Tarble´s wife hehehehe what is that ?! :P

For those of u who don´t care about quality or size, u can watch it on youtube too. Just type in the name + part 1, then u´ll find it.

Now I hope that they make more such movies !
After all, Goku said "See ya!" at the end :D