If you had a Devil Form.....

Wow, Tenshimitsu, what poetic, great thoughts.
But I think that sometimes, you can´t fight 'evil' with 'good'. Sometimes one just needs to be evil to fight it ^^"

There exist a lotta ppl in this world who have nothing good in them, so how to interact with them?
But I think the difference makes the way and the motives ppl act. A policeman sometimes has to murder in difficult situations, but this makes him no bad person. Soldiers even get paid for killing, but we still not damn them, do we??
Well, okay, at least a little. :con
I denied military service, which is luckily possible in Germany...

However, I´d really like to have a devil from, maybe like in Devilman (anime/movie). I´d definitely go to Africa and help the ppl there. There are still too many child soldiers in the world, and slavery is still flourishing...
I didn´t believe that at first, but check this out:

whew, the world is baaad.
But at least our community isn´t :D