If you had a Devil Form.....

Tenshimitsu : I would prefer an angel form. Evil, no matter how elegant it is, is extremely dangerous and brings nothing good to you. It is elegant to seduce you. Brings you a false feeling of freedom and power whereas it only makes you lost. Evil is simple and so easy...

Goodness is the hard way, you lose its track all the time. But only seeking it you will feel that your deeds mean something. Being good requires a strong will and a true power. It's easy to be evil, it's extremely hard to be good and make somebody else become good as well.

And it's a horrendous effort to forgive somebody. But if you do forgive, it's a double blessing for both you and the person whom you forgave. You free yourself from sorrow and hatred, and you give a precious gift of relief to the second person.

Anyway, we chose our fate everyday... we build our inner world and it depends on us whether our soul is beautiful or not. Whether we think about blood and gore or about beauty of simpliest things. Our inner world emanates outside with either negative or positive energy and builds the outer world, changes people around us: corrupts them or makes them better. And only our soul will survive: and from the shape of it we will build ourselves heaven or hell.

I write too much... :)

So that's why your name is 'Tenshimitsu'? You write your name 天使光 'Angelic light!' wow, you know, it never even occured to me until I read your post just now. That's pretty clever Tenshi!

I have to also say I agree with you. Especially about forgiving. I'm often told I forgive too easily as I have forgiven some very cruel things people have done to me. But you know, it really doesn't pay to stay angry and some fantastic things have happened to me as a result of forgiving and giving folk a second chance! Everyone deserves a second chance I think! I also think everyone deserves a chance too. I mean, in my job when we take on new clients and read through their files, sometimes it can be easy to judge them before we've met them but I always try not to. I have worked with some very troubled people who have, through someone else having faith in them, gone on to better their lives. It's not always easy along the way but it's always, always worth the effort.