vicodin and yoshi.

monztr : Jembru: I can't play anything but Bullshit successfully if I've been drinking. I'll try out that green tea though. ;)

No! Don't do it. It's a slippery slope. First you're like 'this tea tastes like sea water, ah what the heck, I'll drink it anyway', then you're like 'Oh, it's 3 am and I'm still awake and fully alert, hmmm, maybe I should have another cup of that delicious tea' (note how quickly the flavour grows on you). Next stage is the 'Now I've cut down on dairy products and drinking all those antioxidants I'm starting to feel healthy. You know what would go lovely with this green tea? Boiled rice wrapped in seaweed with a side of bean curd!' Before you know it you're walking into Starbucks and asking for green tea.

But yeah, it does seem to give me the alertness I need to pay attention when I play Tekken. Though I seem to have a '3 match' limit after which point my mind starts to wander and I forget what I'm meant to be doing. You know I've hit that wall when I keep trying to sit down most people refuse to play me until I've had another o-cha and re-charged my brain.