Curious about Yoshi? Under the mask...

I'd like to think he looks like Gackt under the mask!!! But I also think that's unlikely. In my story about Yoshi there is a part where his mask was broken revealing his face. It wasn't pretty! It was... actually, why don't I just copy and paste? Hold on....

I didn't need to be asked twice, I rushed into the room, knocking Mathew out of the way as I did so. My delight and enthusiasm to see Yoshi again suddenly vanished as I turned to face him.
'Konbanwa' came the familiar voice of my friend from the unfamiliar face.
The voice was clearer, less muffled because what was left of his mask only covered one part of his face. His mouth; perfect fleshy lips on dull, mottled, sun-starved skin and his right eye were exposed. While the old Yoshimitsu may have chosen to wear a mask, I had the feeling that he no longer had much of a choice. It was his eyes you see. The exposed eye was the most bizarre and unexpected thing I ever witnessed where Yoshimitsu was concerned. He had no eyelids at all and his skin just seemed to fold neatly around the bone of his eye sockets. The glowing bionic eye flicked around in a socket that appeared too large for it. I feared that at any moment it would just roll out and onto the floor.

Then of course there was his nose; or lack of nose as that was evidently missing too. The bridge was quite flat and only about half an inch long but the rest of it was missing, just the fleshy grooves of the separate nostril chambers remained.

'Evening.' I replied, forcing a smile, ?so? how are you??
'okagesama de daijoubu.' he smiled and it was awful.
It's not that it wasn't a nice smile, in fact it was really quite charming, but it was all so very, very wrong. Yoshimitsu is never supposed to be seen without his mask never mind smile at people. I had spent so long learning to read him by the flashing of his eyes, by the tone of his voice and by his highly expressive body language that I didn't need him to smile at me. I didn't want him to.

The uncovered eye flickered black for a millisecond and as it did so, I noticed the eye behind the mask appeared to blink.

That's not how I want him to look btw, just how he looked in Rotokia (world where all my stories are set).