Yo wassup guys. I joined up long time ago but I was too busy playing yoshi so I didn't have much time. haha.

My name is rey currently a 19 year old college student from Guam. A big yoshi fun just like everyone else here :D . Picked him up in Tekken 3 and have been playing him ever since. I read that "you know your'e obssessed with yoshi when" and I filled 90% of the list lol.

I'm also Filipino. I spent last summer in the Philippines and playing that tekken 6 arcade machine made my entire vacation. Had a taste of the new yoshi and now I'm stoked to play him in t6. There's no tekken 6 machine here on arcades on yet... hope the owner buys it soon.

currently waiting for tekken 6... for now I need money to buy soul calibur IV

see you guys around yo