Yoshimitsu had no sword?

Yoshi123 : sorry for just barging into the forum like this, but I could not help being interested. I actually overlooked all of this upon seeing fury's ending. I think that yoshi will still be in tekken 6 and yes there definetely will be a tekken 6. though i was totally convinced that yoshi was a dead man in bry's ending. I really think though that NAMCO is going to make it a matter of whos ending occured first. so if yoshi happened first then bryan was blown to smitherenes. if bry's happaned first then i think yoshi will still be alive because the sparks coming from is armor probably mean that he was only weakened and the armour saved him. its just so easy to picture yourself in the future reading the character profiles and seeing yoshi's say. " after being shot 5 times yoshimitsu lay stunned on the ground and as bryann walked away with his back turned yoshimitsu recovered and stabbed him fiercly in the back sending his blade straight through his heart." this is just my idea though

Interesting... but if there is Tekken 6, I'm 101% sure Yoshi'll be there, because he's one of Tekken's trade marks, just like Heihachi, for example. He's been there since the first Tekken game, it would be stupid of Namco to remove him after so many years and lose so many fans just because of a dumb character like Bryan, who appeared a lot later than Yoshi.

And of course, he's not the half as interesting as Yoshi, so Namco would lose on originality if they decided to kill Yoshi.

But anyway, Kazuya was dead and he came back, so I guess everything is possible.