Suikichi(sp?)'s site...

This is the message I just sent:


Hello Suekichi. =)

My name's Onur. I'm a long time member of YOT (Yoshimitsu Obsession Team) - where I'm known as BigChief - and also a fan of your drawings and fan-art.

I talked with the webmaster of that website, Tenshimitsu - and the other members - about why you closed down your site. They told me that some of your artwork was stolen and misused, so you closed your website. I was sad to hear about this.

Because of this I suggested to everyone else who enjoys your drawings that we kindly ask you to get your website back online. =)

There are many people who wish to see you continue sharing your talented artistic skills, including myself. I understand you may be worried that the same thing will happen again; maybe this time you can have Members Only access to your website.

I hope you will consider (and accept!) this proposal. Just reply to this email as soon as possible.


PS: We are all sorry that this happened. Some of the cause may have been because we diverted traffic to your website through the 'Affiliates' link. Of course, next time, we will consider this more carefully. Also, Tenshi feels terrible about what has happened, and asks me to say sorry to you..... "Sorry!"

So please, reply to me when you get the chance.

Sayonara. =)


Now we play the waiting game.....