How's the general skill levels like in your contry?

I think I can sum up our UK level preety well

ok mainly The UK Tekken scence has many players and international players from all over the world take time to come down here and well play with us.

some of the top names in our country are Prodigal Son, Cris, Dionsaur, Starscream, Cober Commender, The Chef and Zakuta

we also have people like Adamski and Black Dragon who also makes the scene what it is, but recertly we have had more players come onto the scence and Tissuemon from Japan has joined us on Friday Nights to bust us up, but it also brings the UK level up because we are playing agaist someone from one of the most fread Tekken countries in the world.

that is my insight on the Tekken Scence in the UK