E Games Festival, Tolouse, France 13/10/07-14/10/07

Hey Guys

I belive I promised you lot some infromation about a E games festival coming up in France at the middle of Octorber well I have the full infromation now.

here is the E-Games Festival website

I would do more but I got to go to work.

If you really want to go I suggest you contect me and I will set everything up for you.

there will be both Tekken 5 DR and SC3 at this festival so everyone on YOT should be happy.

ok I promised to give more info regurding the tournament last night, but some thing came up so I will now give more info.

Ok the event is non stop fron 13th of Octorber to the 14th of Octorber.

The Tekken 5 DR Tournament will run on the Saturday and The Soul Claiber 3 tournament on the Sunday.

but there is also other tournaments inculding Dead or Alive 4, 3rd Strike, Guilty Gear and King of Fighters so there is no reason to get bored, there is also a big all night session that takes place on the Saturday night at 2am till the next morning if you want to be hardcore and stay up the whole Tournament.:D

ok now the venue, well you lot are getting spoilt here the Venue is a cinema and you lot are getting the Biggest attortium of the Cinema, all finals will be put on the big screen, for all to watch from the comfort of Cinema Chairs.

The Address is in the link I give you lot earlier.:)

the price is 15 euros for the whole event.

the prize money is for both Tekken DR and SC3 are

1st place 500 euros
2nd place 300 euros
3rd place 200 euros
4th place 100 euros
5th and 6th place 50 euros

Rules for the Tekken DR tournament are the same ones as in tournaments we always have but if you are new you will need to know them so here they are.


Plateform: PlayStation 3
Version: US
Limitation: 80 players
Match: 3 rounds
Time limit: 60 seconds
Forbidden character: Jinpachi

and here are also the rules for SC3


Plateform: PlayStation 2
Version: PAL
Limitation: 80 players
Match: 3 rounds
Time limit: 60 seconds
Life gauge: 100%
Neutral guard: off
Forbidden characters: Abyss and Olcadan, bonus and customed characters
Forbidden weapon: Yunsung's invisible sword
Variable cancel: banned

ok travel wise you might want to check out the Birtsh airways or easyjet. no more then ?70 pounds for uk heads ( it will be different for other countries depending on currency.), but the only problem is that you will not be able to stay for the sconed day unless you are prepared to travel home on Monday.:|

here are the websites:
Easyjet Website
Britsh Airways Website

ok list of people looking to go:
1. Di
2. Fastlegs of Fury

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