Destroy the poster above

right I'm going to show you way I'm more like the Undertaker then anyone else on this site.

as unknown is wondering around the pits of hell getting used to his new home, the filmer gong sounds of Fastlegs.

"you can't play your ming games with me Fastlegs" shouts a nervous Unknown.

suddly there is a blast in the sky as the T symbol of the undertaker starts lifting up into the air all on fire, then 10 drouids come out with toucthes all light on fire and hold them up in the air.

the gong then sounds again fog starts to fill up the pits of hell, all the sruonding fire in the pit is put out.

it was now all dark in the pit the only thing lighting it up was the drouid's toucthes of fire.

the gong went again followed by the Undertaker's entrance theame, and then unknown looked like he had seen a ghost, Fastlegs comes out in her tranchcoat and undertaker hat.

as fastlegs apporches Unknown, unknown was just going crazy, Fastlegs put the fire back into the pit.

Unknown tried to see if this was just all a dream, by putting his hand out to feel for Fastlegs chest, as unknown touched Fastlegs chest, Fastlegs slaped Unknown and then sent him for a chokesslam into the firery pit of hell.

oh and because we are both sprits now I can touch phscily.:p

Unknowns sprit was no more, Fastlegs celebrates.