Destroy the poster above

ohh I only had fury for 48 hours, this sucks.

fastlegs was swallowed whole so she got her lightsaber out and cut a gap in the middle of Fury's tummy and started to drop back to earth and to some susprise landed on top of clar 380.:D

"thanks for breaking my landing"

and cuts clar380 into two with her lightsaber and then cuts clar380 up limb from limb and then fastlegs puts all of clar380 limbs in a sack and takes the body parts back with her for her new pet

as soon as fastlegs returns to the cave she finds a new black and red dragon.

"damm I don't know what I'm going to call you"

as fastlegs feeds clar380 to her new pet dragon and try to think of a name for the new pet she sees alot of simulaties between this pet dragon and Fury it's like Fury had a twin or something.

" I know I'll call you speed of the night"

and all Speed of the night could say as it munched the last bit of clar380 limbs was "BURP"

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I don't know about you clar380 but I think it's time we take our rivly up to the next level, because we have been at it for two months now.

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