The Officail RPG story-so-far

This is great, Clar - just great - now we've got everything at one place. Nice job, matey! ;)

- Hmmm... There's some trouble with the quoting along the story - you might wan't to edit your post and correct the errors along the way.

But this is just great! - I'll read it all through when i get off from work, and try to put together something of a continuence from here!



A few advices along

1. A writers succes is determined by his ability to catch peoples interest through his words.

If you ever were to make a book, and you want people to fall in love with your work, your work needs love and affection. It's just not enough to write a few, simple lines, leave it by that, publish your work and expect people to go crazy and buy your work. It just don't work that way. You dedicate yourself to what you do, and you do your best to create your masterpiece!
When i write, i'm somewhat passionate about what i do - i know that if i put an efford into this, people will know, and people might find my words to be catchy - interesting. Often, when i write, i end up writing for several hours. The first word spell the next and so forth - i get into a good flow, and the story almost write itself. When i'm done, i'm either happy with my work or i'm not - often i'm something of a huge self-critic and just don't like it. I know that if i want to improove my work, i gotta read it through and both add, delete and edit until everything fits.
- It's all about your affection towards your work - practice makes perfect!

2. A common story needs a common storyline

And what do i mean by this? Well - if you're to take part in a community, or in a common work, you need to not overtake what you're dealing with. If you take all focus from everything else, and start out bragging about how cool and magnificent your own character is, and how you defeat all of your enemies with your thumb, the thrill and the interest from reading and enjoying your words may fade. If this is the case, you need to move the spotlight from yourself, and focus on the greather whole of the plot - you want to remind yourself NOT to get too self-centered, you want to remind yourself that you're NOT the center of the story, but all and everyone plays as big a role as you. That is why i make these overpowered characters into non-player characters (such as the Dark Lord Behemoth). My own character, i admit, is somewhat overpowered, and plays a central role for the development when i write - and therefore i i choose to let him out from the story, and make him appear at special occations. In fact, i'm really no more than a simple birole character while you others play alot more central role throughout the story.
- Keep in mind we're common in this, and that all is as great a role as oneself. It's cooler to take part than to take control!

3. A good character is a unique character!

If i'm not to create YOUR character the way I desire instead of the way YOU wanted, i need input - i need to know exactly what i'm dealing with and the only way i could obtain such knowledge is from you! Therefore, a character scheme plays an essential role. That is, if you're interested in reading about your character as you had it thought out rather than how i want it to be. For example; I need to know how your character looks, i need to know how your character thinks, i need to know how your character behaves, i need to know about your characters abilities - such as strengths, weaknesses, flaws, powers, skills - even stuff like relations, background, former life/childhood is quite useful.
- The more I know, the better I can satisfy YOU and not just do as i seem fit!

Therefore - put in some work in your character scheme, and add more details if you desire. Your character is your lump of clay - form it to your liking, and form it enough for everyone to get enough input on what were dealing with. Make your character unique, make it special and make it exciting. But remember not to get too excided! Be both abit reasonable and realistic too - if your character is too silly or too over-powered (or even some immortal godlike), the thrill and lust from using your character takes off - and that just blows!

That, i guess, was it for now - feel free to comment or add ideas and critics!

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